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Analyst Spotlight: Daniel Poleshchuk  

Investment Analyst, Summer 2018 Daniel Poleshchuk's LinkedIn What is your PDC journey? My time working at PDC was a formative and eye-opening experience (I came from a background of non-profit work, and PDC was my first for-profit job). To [...]

Analyst Spotlight

Analyst Spotlight: Ally Batter

Investment Analyst, Winter 2020 Ally Batter's Linkedin What is your Palm Drive Capital journey and where are you now? I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship after working for a health-tech company in London in the summer of 2018 [...]

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Analyst Spotlight: Lucas Isaza

Investment Analyst, Summer 2018 Lucas Isaza's LinkedIn What is your Palm Drive Capital journey? My story starts in Colombia where I was born. At five years old my family and I moved to Toledo, Ohio where I grew up and graduated high school.[...]

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Analyst Spotlight: Natalie Garcia

I interned at Palm Drive Capital during the winter of my junior year. I had already planned to intern at JP Morgan to experience the world of investment banking for the summer of my junior year but I also wanted to try something different so that I c[...]

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The Origin Story of Palm Drive Capital

The story of Palm Drive Capital started over a decade ago on the green college campus of Stanford where the three managing partners, Seamon Chan, Hendrick Lee and Nicholas Hsu met. [...]


Unicorn Spotting with Palm Drive Capital

With the recent closure of Boom Supersonic’s latest funding round, our portfolio now holds eleven unicorns. With this accomplishment we would like to present a selection of our unicorns, our reasons for investing in them, and insight into our inve[...]